" Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body and additionally can refer to the period of withdrawal during which an organism returns to homeostasis after long-term use of an addictive substance" [Wiki Definition]

DETOXIFICATION is traditionallynormally associated with food – and is a pattern we get this urge to follow to……… ‘Restart ourselves’

However the body is only one part of the process and we do not restart everything – we just ‘detox the body” – BUT what about mind and spirit?



  • Anorexia where the perception is different to body reality.
  • We eat too much/ badly affecting body health – causing loss of concentration, loss of sense of self.
  • We allow doubt, loneliness & sadness into our lives affecting spiritwe eat less, our minds feel lost.


Who is this for?…

Anyone who feels dissatisfied with where they are in life. Maybe weight or health issues, maybe money or motivation, a sense of wondering or wandering without purpose, or even just feeling dis-organised…

There are a myriad of self help books, sites, courses, coaching and online support in this wonderful world of information and this is not unique – but does work on all 3 areas – mind, body and spirit

What we offer

  1. Understanding : By being just like you…..  understanding the  struggle with things and not always doing stuff right…. but having help ..
  2. Experience: whole life on so many methods – including psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, corporate tactics, Toastmasters, volunteering, religion, meditation, yoga, dance, hedonism, vegetarianism, parenthood, travel and lets not forget the good old fashioned ‘give it a go’ method
  3. Acceptance: What have I learnt? what has worked and why? Can it be repeated… if so – I accept the process
  4. Consolidation: There is not one ‘super method’  – it takes a combination of some simple techniques and an open mind – all gleaned from all the methods.
  5. Practical examples: It is no good to tell someone to ‘stop it’ when it comes to habits or to just quit negative thoughts – you need practical steps.

So what can you expect? 

Ideas, practical examples, products, learning and training.

  • Detox your life program (Living Health) – 10 day challenge to reset your body, mind and habits to be healthy, eat well and lose what needs to be lost
  • Getting organised with stuff in the inbox: How to file and work with the mountain of stuff that comes up at us each day
  • Being Present: We all want things and look outside for things that matter – we sometimes need to notice whats already there
  • Habit change: Ridding yourself of annoying and sometimes damaging habits that no longer serve.
  • Where to start?: A morning routine to set you on fire for the day and ensure stuff gets done..

What we expect from you…..

  • Open and honest feedback, communication and support where needed.
  • Take from this what works and give back what doesn’t.
  • Challenge yourself to change
  • Hold yourself to a higher standard…….step up…