Spirit: Make a difference

Step onto this....?

“Do I smell burning?”

Many years ago – I completed a barefoot walk on fire… well hot coals anyway. The experience itself was great but passed in a blur – but that the walk is not really the part I remembered.

It was the fact that I took the first step to get onto the coals. That power to move my foot – just a few centimeters – ONTO the glowing red coals for my FIRST step.

After the fact and a few days later I realised that a lot of my life I was standing in front of the coals, a little nervous to move.

Then I realised that I could either carry on standing in front of the coals – or take some action. That day, I sat down and scribbled some notes, some thoughts, of ways that I can improve.


I titled it “Important ways to Live” and now I look at the list each day and think of how I can make these happen…

Care for others

  • Instead of just passing through life – really look at people around me.
  • Think of them, connect on a different level – maybe even try to serve them in some way.
  • Pay it forward – do things for others without reward
  • Touch a soul – Make a difference
  • Create “magic moments” – delighting family, friends, or even a stranger.
  • Simple ideas – picnics, unexpected food, pay for someone else’s coffee at a cafe – have some fun!
  • Make some time with special people – and simply focus on them for a while

Step Up (Live life more)

  • Get creative (writing, drawing, dancing, drama, gardening, whatever stretches my imagination).
  • Join a team or group that challenges me.
  • Check in with my peers and get them to hold me to my own promises, or simply share with them
  • Do something that challenges me (daily/weekly/monthly) – face some fears
  • Form/be part of a group that each member is tasked to create an experience (a challenge)…. i.e. horse riding, yoga, board sailing, caving, tramping, climbing… etc



What are you waiting for….? …..go challenge yourself – step out of your boundaries……

 …..make a difference.