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Bite sized courses, real-life skills, tips and learnings you can implement immediately.

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Our Most Popular Courses


Sample course content for contributors

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Hacking a better sleep

Sleep is vital, wonderful, restorative and is a vital part of our lives. However sometimes it can cause so much frustration to those who suffer from poor quality sleep. This course is designed to help you learn more and be more aware of your state, apply techniques with maybe a mindhack or two. zzzzzzzzzz

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mind, brain, mindset

Neuroscience – Brain hacks

The word ‘hacking’ often has negative connotations – however in this course, we will look into the reality of brain hacking to clear the mystery surrounding it and find out how you can use it to advance your personal growth.

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Unique learning approach


Gary Walker - Founder

Based on core psychological concepts, NeuroScience, NLP and good old fashioned common sense and business thinking, the programs are designed to be fun, practical and provide better thinking, feeling and actions.

In this fast paced world – we sometimes need to just be relevant, hone a skill, understand a concept and quickly build strong habits

Clean simple learning platform. Developed from the ground up to be useful and relevant for those who need it most.

We offer a simple clean platform of learning. Learn online, webinars, group coaching and the offer for 1-1 programs.

What we do

With a background in coaching, training and counselling we provide courses that are based in real-world outcomes. 

This is not about throwing multiple courses online hoping one will stick, this is designed.

Online Courses

Powerful training with certification and life skill based


If and as required, either at our rooms or virtual connection.

Events / Webinars

Live events provide face to face training. Webinars to support and provide additional content

Group Sessions

Topic based small training group sessions. Normally addiction recovery and peer support driven

What Our Students Have to Say

“Superb course for upping your speaking game and growing confidence.” [Public Speaking in-house course ]
Kate B
Auckland, NZ

“Gary is truly passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

After just one session on this topic my attitudes and behaviours are completely different. Now I only want to drink alcohol in moderation. I have a strong desire to cut back on alcohol for health reasons and so when I do feel like a glass, that’s all I feel like, just 1 glass"

“….I would like to extend our thanks for your presentation on Friday at our National conference. The team are buzzing with new enthusiasm and, as this was a new angle on sales for them. I have had a couple express interest in learning more about NLP and its place in the sales process……… it is great you are involved with a forward thinking organisation who recognise the value of sharing our knowledge. It certainly has contributed to building a stronger sales team at the YMCA and fits well with our tag line ‘we build strong kids, strong families, strong communities’. Again, thank you for the time and effort taken
Kerry Lynn
New Zealand

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